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and the Alice Theatre

The history of the Nichols Building - provided by the Grayson County Historical Society:


This land was the site of the first log home in Grayson County built by William Cunningham in 1811. The log home was run as the Eagle Inn Tavern until 1850. Eventually, the Eagle Inn caught fire and the Nichols Building was built in its place. 


The Nichols Building had its grand opening nearly 90 years ago on June 19, 1935. Popular western Kentucky band Bob Layman and his Melody Makers provided the entertainment for the evening.


The Alice Theatre, named after the Nichols' family's daughter Alice Mildred Nichols, was established by Pat Meadows in 1935. The Theatre kicked off its opening week on June 17 with a showing of "Happiness Ahead" starring Dick Powell and Josephine Hutchinson. The original seating capacity was 360! 


The Alexander Hotel, named after Nichols' family's son Alexander Nichols) featured 23 guest rooms, a five-room apartment, twelve bathrooms and a lounge room. Underneath the entire building was a garage large enough to store 50 cars. Hotel guests were provided free parking in the basement and access to gas pumps on the corner.


Unfortunately, the theater closed in 1988 due to a lease dispute. The hotel and restaurant closed the following year in 1989. At one point, a garment factory was opened in the basement. The building went up for sale in July 2012. The owner had rejected at least three offers and had scheduled the building for demolition. 


Fortunately, It was purchased in August 2021 by Robert and Mandi McKinzie to be restored to its former glory!


our walls

The Alexander Hotel, established in 1935, has been a cornerstone for travelers and seekers of entertainment, providing a rich history within its walls. Being home to the Alice Theater and the famed H&H Cafe, it has been a hub for cultural and social activities over the decades.


within our walls

"My Grandparents, Jim and Karen Alvey, in the restaurant connected to the Alexander Hotel sometime in the 60’s. My Great Grandparents, Tommy Joe and Becky Shain owned it at the time."

Grace D.

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